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‘Breakthrough’: Harvard scientists say they can reverse aging process ‘by several years’ –Study

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*A team of research scientists at Harvard University, Massachusetts, in the United States, has reported what it calls a ‘breakthrough’ with extending youth, as the study used six chemical cocktails to restore skin cells

Isola Moses | ConsumerConnect

A team of research scientists at Harvard has reported what it calls a “breakthrough” when it comes to extending youth.

The scientists’ report on the new study in the latest Fountain of Youth is made up of six chemical cocktails they say reversed the aging process “by several years.” In their tests, the researchers found the chemicals stopped and reversed the aging process in the skin cells of both mice and humans.

Dr. David Sinclair, Co-author of the study, in a  tweet, stated: “Grateful to share our latest publication: We’ve previously shown age reversal is possible, using gene therapy to turn on embryonic genes.

“Now, we show it’s possible with chemical cocktails, a step towards affordable whole-body rejuvenation.”

In the study, published in the Journal Aging, the authors say there are at least a dozen “hallmarks of aging” that are known to contribute to the deterioration and dysfunction of cells as they age.

They note that previous research has established that the harmful effects of aging mostly take place at the cellular level.

“We have previously shown in mice that cell injuries, such as DNA double-strand breaks and cell crushing, promote epigenetic information loss, which can lead to what appears to be an acceleration of aging and age-related disease,” they write.

The researchers said they screened for millions of combinations of molecules that could reverse cellular aging and rejuvenate human cells. While most rejuvenation efforts take extended periods of time to work the researchers said all six cocktails provided positive results in four days.

Positive effects of taurine

It may be no coincidence that as the baby boom generation enters its golden years there is renewed emphasis on efforts to promote longevity.

Researchers recently writing in the journal Science found that taurine, a supplement found in energy drinks as well as some other foods, may slow the aging process.

Their study of animals who received taurine found it helped them live longer.

After determining that the amount of this semi-essential amino acid decreases in humans and animals as they age, the researchers wanted to find out if boosting taurine would help.

The study authors wrote: “Supplementation with taurine slowed key markers of aging such as increased DNA damage, telomerase deficiency, impaired mitochondrial function, and cellular senescence.

“Loss of taurine in humans was associated with aging-related diseases, and concentrations of taurine and its metabolites increased in response to exercise.

“Taurine supplementation improved life span in mice and health span in monkeys.”

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