Chinese President Xi Jinping and United States President Donald Trump

The growing suspicions over Coronavirus outbreak

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The United States (US) and China are in two far continents with air travel distance of 11,671 kilometres.

The US is in the North American continent, while China is in far Asia.

The two countries’ political ideologies are as far apart as the distance between them and looking like parallel lines which cannot meet.

This is the point of conflicting interest and bone of contention among the World Powers, especially the two economies.

As a reminder, the US preaches democracy, a way of life based on the will of the majority.

The US’ ideology is anchored on the human rights principles of freedom of association, movement, speech and religion, representative government, individual liberty, free elections among others.

China on her part practices communism and considers those freedoms and rights too expensive and luxurious to guarantee its people.

Rather it is anchored on a way of life that imposes the will of a minority on the majority.

The two powers also maintain a relationship that is defined by mutual suspicion in many areas.

America remains the world’s largest economy with a military might that has earned it the sobriquet of “Police of the World”.

Suffice to note however, that China alongside other US antagonists like North Korea, Russia and the Arab world are not comfortable with that status and reckon the US is only arrogating itself the role of policing the world.

With its undisputed claim of the largest army on the planet on account of its huge population it will be foolhardy to dismiss China’s military powers with a mere wave of the hand.

Add that to its advancement in technology and great strides in the global economic space it is far too easy to submit that if there is ever going to be a threat to US’ power, China fits the bill.

However, China’s growing influence in world politics had not been given recognition by the US and her allies.

In all the continents of the world, the Asian country’s economic interests are noticeable for about two decades.

Even in Africa, the impact of China is felt in all spheres of endeavours, especially in the area of infrastructural development.

No doubt, China is fast becoming investors and the world’s economic hub.

Despite the remarkable impact it is making in improving the world China will seem to be tacitly aggrieved that it has not been accorded requisite respect her influence deserves.

This is against the case with the US whose dominance and control traverses the entire globe and is felt much to China’s chagrin as far away as Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong.

To rub salt on injury Japan, South Korea are China’s neighbours while Hong Kong is seen as its territory which America is attempting to engineer its breakaway.

It cannot be overemphasised that despite the economic prowess of China, she cannot match the military might of the US.

Little wonder that international politics analysts believe in the conspiracy theory that the current debacle where America is reeling under the Coronavirus scourge would have been invented by the far East Asian country to slow down or better still collapse the Super Power’s status of the US. Their reason is not far to fetch.

A book: “Unrestricted warfare, China’s Master Plan” written by two Chinese, Chialiang and Yun Chanzu lays credence to this.

In the book, which can be analysed as more of a military strategy was written in 1999, it was claimed that “China cannot defeat America in direct military confrontation but it can leverage its economic prowess to leave America behind.”

In fact, the book’s assessment by students of international politics shows it has similarity with the present predicament of the US with the Super Power’s economy literarily brought to her knees with the ravaging Coronavirus which started in Wuhan, China but America is now the epicentre of the pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has infected over a 100,000 people, and according to John Hopkins University, about 40, 000 deaths as of April 20, just as the death toll continues to rise on a daily basis.

Industries are either closed or working at half capacity with government business almost paralysed.

President Donald Trump’s belief that the situation would be normalised by Easter period became a distant possibility than certainty.

The number of people who died in the US was in tens of thousands, and the country recorded its highest single day toll of 884, according to John Hopkins University.

But, in sharp contrast, China has been able to contain the Coronavirus scourge.

Reports have it that the Asian nation has rolled back her industries with workers back to work with increasing production activities.

It now produces Coronavirus equipment and her companies are supplying overseas needs.

The country has also witnessed upsurge in the production of protection equipment with face masks, hand gloves, ventilators, etc.

It was also reported that over 9,000 new manufacturers of masks began production within the first two months of this year and they are meeting the world’s short supply of the Coronavirus equipment.

Is it a mere coincidence that while the US is groaning under the Coronavirus pandemic, calling on qualified doctors from all over the world to apply for her visas to rescue her from the scourge, China and her allies- Russia and North Korea are enjoying some sort of stability in their economies?

Even, Russia, a friend of China and enemy of America last week offered to help the President Donald Trump led US in containing the deadly disease.

But, the rivalry between the two nations in the first place, may not allow the US to accept such a Greek offer.

All these further fuel the conspiracy theory that China invented the COVID-19 in order to torpedo US economy and end her Super Power’s status.

Will this conspiracy be the beginning of the end for America’s stranglehold of the world as its strongest power?

Time, they say, will tell.

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