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UK’s Home Secretary Braverman faces legal action over controversial asylum plans

British Home Secretary Ms. Suella Braverman

*Richard Drax, a Tory Member of Parliament, in the UK, says he is considering legal action, urging Ms. Suella Braverman to scrap the UK Government’s plan to house over 500 asylum seekers on a barge in Dorset

Isola Moses | ConsumerConnect

British Home Secretary Suella Braverman is under fire as she could face legal action from a Tory MP in the United Kingdom (UK).

Richard Drax, a Tory Member of Parliament (MP) in the UK, has said legal action is being looked at as the lawmaker urged Suella Braverman to scrap the plan to house over 500 asylum seekers on a barge in Dorset, report said.

The legislator indicated Braverman could face legal action in connection with controversial plans to house asylum seekers on a barge.

The British Government says it plans to use the Bibby Stockholm vessel, docked at Portland Port in Dorset at a cost of £20,000 a day, according to report.

The barge, which can accommodate over 500 people, is being considered as the Home Office tries to deal with a huge backlog after years of Tory failure to process applications.

But the Conservative-run Dorset Council is having none of it, while MP Richard Drax said a legal challenge was being considered report noted.

Drax, who represents South Dorset, said the barge was being “dumped on our door” without any consultation by the Home Office.

Calling on Ms. Braverman to scrap the idea, he said: “Every option’s being looked at including legal action.

“We want to get this consigned to the dustbin before anything’s signed. We want to activate ourselves and say look Home Secretary, sorry, this is not the right place, can you please cancel this.”

The MP also complained he was worried about the practicality of keeping hundreds of vulnerable people in a “very, very restricted area” in the country.

According, the government’s step will put added pressure on the port’s “very small” Police force.

Drax stated: “They will be allowed out on a bus every so often but in effect will be incarcerated for quite a lot of the time.”

He also claimed it would impact businesses in the seaside resort of Weymouth.

The lawmaker further noted: “This is an extremely sensitive area which relies heavily on summer trade, I cannot see how this is going to be anything but detrimental. ”

Meanwhile, Portland Port confirmed it had been selected by the Home Office as a site for a migrant barge, but Dorset Council said it has “serious concerns about the suitability of the location for this facility,” report stated.

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