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Consumer-centric initiatives focused on clean energy, sustainable environment –NCC

*Prof. Umar Garba Danbatta, Executive Vice-Chairman and CEO of the Nigerian Communications Commission, discloses the Consumer Affairs Bureau (CAB) will sensitise consumers on how renewable energy benefits them and their role in achieving industry transition to same in the interest of the environment in the country

Isola Moses | ConsumerConnect

As part of the Commission’s consumer education programmes to sensitise the populace on its key regulatory  interventions in the economy, Prof. Umar Garba Danbatta, FNSE, FRAES, FAEng, FNIEEE, Executive Vice-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (EVC/CEO) of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), has disclosed the Consumer Affairs Bureau (CAB) of NCC will sensitise telecoms consumers about certain interventions aimed at making the environment better for all of humanity in the course of year.

Danbatta stated this in his address at the commemoration of the 2023 World Consumer Rights Day (WCRD) Wednesday, March 15, in Abuja, FCT.

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The EVC/CEO noted the CAB would implement this as part of its Consumer Education mandate, with a significant part of this effort dedicated to providing information that equips the consumer to thrive in a world that has embraced digital finance.

ConsumerConnect reports the theme of this year’s WCRD is “Empowering Consumers through Clean Energy Transition”.

Danbatta also said through its outreach programmes, which have continued to re-tool to reflect existing realities and trends, the CAB would use its consumer-centric initiatives, such as the Telecom Consumer Parliament (TCP), Telecom Consumer Town Hall on Radio (TCTHR), Telecom Consumer Conversations (TCC) as well as social media platforms and Consumer Portal to sensitise consumers on how renewable energy benefits them and their role in achieving industry transition to it in the interest of the environment.

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He also noted in his remarks that “the CAB will develop and produce various consumer education materials, such as Flexi and Roll-up Banners, and Handbills, and update its Consumer Handbook to include the message about renewable energy.”

Safeguarding interest of telecoms consumers

Danbatta, a Professor of Telecommunications, further recalled between March 15, 2022, and March 15 this year, NCC had performed its mandate in a manner that further strengthened consumer protection while safeguarding the interest of telecom consumers.

According to him, during the period, besides implementing the policy that ensured improved access to Broadband connectivity, the telecoms regulatory Commission, through NCC’s Computer Security Incident Response Team (NCC-CSIRT) also constantly alerted consumers to cyberthreats that could have led to the compromise of their financial profile through the execution of malicious codes by threat actors.

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On the Federal Government’s ongoing cashless payments regime, the NCC Chief stated by the time cashless banking fully kicks off by late 2023, the connectivity platforms on which electronic transactions ride will have become robust to the extent of being able to absorb the surge in demand for cashless transactions in the West African country.

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