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Child Sexual Crimes: R. Kelly bags 20-year jail term

American Singer R. Kelly Gets Fresh Prison Term

*The Jury in Chicago, United States, has convicted American singer R. Kelly of six out of 13 charges against him in line with sexual exploitation committed in the 1990s

Alexander Davis | ConsumerConnect

A Federal judge in Chicago in the United States (US),  has sentenced American singer R. Kelly to 20 years in prison for child sex crimes.

Report indicates the latest judgment was handed to him after a jury found that R. Kelly had produced three videos of himself sexually molesting his 14-year-old goddaughter.

The judge ruled that all but a year of the prison sentence would be served at the same time alongside a previous 30-year sentence that the embattled singer received after a jury in Brooklyn convicted him of racketeering and sex trafficking charges in 2022.

The Jury in Chicago convicted him of six of the 13 charges brought against him in line with sexual exploitation during the 1990s, including counts of forcing three minors into sexual activity and producing sex tapes involving a minor.

However, R. Kelly was acquitted of a charge that he had attempted to impede an earlier investigation into his abuse of the goddaughter, and two other counts of enticing minors to have sex, agency report said.

It was gathered the US Federal prosecutors had argued that the 56-year-old ‘Ignition’ singer deserved 25 years imprisonment in addition to his earlier sentence, citing the singer’s “lack of remorse” as a reason he would pose a danger to society if released.

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