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Alleged Infractions: IVM Innoson Group clarifies company manufactures ‘durable vehicles’ with international specifications

*Cornel Osigwe, Head of Corporate Communications at IVM Innoson Group, manufacturers of Innoson vehicles, insists the company met the standard and basic specifications of Petronella Nigeria Limited regarding the 20 Units of Granite Diesel Pick Ups the oil servicing firm ordered, and Innoson provided every certification it so requested

Isola Moses | ConsumerConnect

The Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing (IVM) Company Limited says its attention has been drawn to what it described as “a false media report currently circulating in some social media platforms, which is highly misleading.”

Cornel Osigwe, Head of Corporate Communications at IVM Innoson Group, in a statement issued Wednesday, February 1, 2023, said in view of the   content of the report that may mislead the company’s “hard-earned clients and prospects”, Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing (IVM) Company Limited is addressing it for record purposes.

Osigwe stated: “It is now an incontrovertible fact that Innoson Vehicles manufactures durable and affordable vehicles that meets international specifications.

“The unique thing about Innoson Vehicles is that its vehicles comes with the basic specifications and the vehicle plant has the capacity to increase the specifications needs of a client.”

On the reported  controversial transaction with one of its clients, Innoson said: “As regards to our client, Petronella Nigeria Limited, which ordered for 20 Units of Granite Diesel Pick Ups, we met the standard and basic specifications it demanded from us and provided every certifications it requested for.”

The statement also noted: “On our receipt of the part payment made by Petronella Nigeria Limited, we supplied the first set of the vehicles to Petronella and it took delivery of them from our factory in Nnewi with a view to the remaining quantity will be supplied to it once we receive the outstanding purchase price.

“After a while, surprisingly, rather than pay their outstanding, Petronella said it was returning the ones it took delivery of.”

Osigwe further said: “Then, given that we trust our quality and standard, and that the vehicles are in high demand, we asked Petronella to return the vehicles to our factory in Nnewi, so we will refund it the purchase price it paid.

“However, up till this day, these vehicles are still in possession, custody of Petronella, and it has refused to return them to us as said above.”

IVM assured that “we are willing to refund Petronella the purchase price once it returns these vehicles to us stated earlier, perhaps giving the passage of time in the state they were when it took delivery of them.

“Petronella Nigeria Limited for whatever reason chose to approach the law court. “We urge Petronella to allow wise counsel prevail as we value every of our clients and treat them with utmost respect.”

He added: “Innoson Vehicles will continue to commit to manufacturing and sales of quality vehicles that meet  world’s best standards and practices.

“While we also ensure that customers’ requirements are met at all times and continue to improve our quality management system.”

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