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5G Networks deployment places Nigeria ahead of other countries on African continent –Mafab Chair

*Dr. Mushabu Bashir, Chairman of Mafab Communications Limited, declares Nigeria’s future is ‘remarkably bright’ with the deployment of 5G Networks, which promises to usher in copious business opportunities, expand enterprise frontiers with operational ease and speed in various sectors of the country’s economy

Gbenga Kayode | ConsumerConnect

In consonance with the telecoms firm’s licence requirements, Mafab Communications Limited Tuesday, January 24, 2023, activated the rollout of the Fifth Generation (5G) technology services to beat the telecoms regulator’s deadline.

ConsumerConnect reports the indigenous Telco had won the 5G licence along with MTN Nigeria in the first phase of the 3.5GHz Spectrum band auction the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) carried out December 2021.

Sequel to the company win of the 5G spectrum licence alongside MTN 2021, the NCC later granted Mafab Communications a five-month extension to fulfill its rollout obligation.

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Incidentally, the grace period elapses January this year.

In launching its 5G services in Abuja, FCT, it was learnt the company said the first phase of the service rollout would be in six cities across the West African country.

This move is said to be in connection with fulfillment of the rollout obligations, as contained in the licensing document for the deployment of the network infrastructure in Nigeria.

5G ushering a new era of ‘infinite possibilities’, says Dr. Mushabu Bashir

Dr. Mushabu Bashir, Chairman of Mafab Communications Limited, speaking at the 5G service deployment in Abuja, described the rollout of 5G technology as the dawn of a new era of infinite possibilities in the country.

Bashir stated: “The rollout of Mafab 5G network is the beginning of immense opportunities for the country, as it represents Nigeria’s capabilities and infinite possibilities.

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“The prospect of increased job opportunities as a consequence of the value-chain benefits the technology will generate and offer is the dream we have all gathered here to launch.”

Prof. Isa Ali Pantami (middle) and Dr. Mushabu Bashir, Chairman of Mafab Communications Limited (right), at the launch of the Telco’s 5G services in Abuja

The Mafab Chief also said: “5G network will usher in a wide array of business opportunities, wherein various business outfits will expand their frontiers with operational ease and speed, especially in the fields of education, medical sciences, engineering, security, businesses like the banking sector, SMEs, smart cities, transportation, entertainment.”

The new technology will not benefit only urban areas but also meet their long-term goal of ensuring that even people in rural areas and villages also enjoy the benefits of this amazing technology, noted he.

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The Chairman further said: “It is no secret that the countries that can provide their citizens with the latest network infrastructure, which the 5G technology represents, will also be the ones that will thrive in the coming years.

“They will be the ones that will stay competitive and the ones who will lead in innovation in addition to bringing socio-economic benefits to their citizens.”

He further said: “And so, I can declare that with the 5G infrastructure, Nigeria will surely be ahead of many other countries, especially in Africa.

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“Indeed, with the 5G networks, our future as a people and as a country is remarkably bright.”

5G technology vital to security management -Pantami

In his address on the occasion, Prof. Isa Ali Pantami, Honourable Minister for Communications and Digital Economy, said: “MTN commenced the roll, and now Mafab has joined the queue.

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“I congratulate the Chairman of Mafab on his commitment to the success of the company. “It is absolutely difficult to have a new player who joined the sector within a small period to be competing with some of the active players in the sector.”

The Minister also stated 5G has enormous benefits for security institutions because there are technologies in security that leverage 5G, which allows security institutions to properly manage security situations.

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It is recalled the NCC, as the telecoms sector regulator, as well licensed Airtel Networks Limited as the third company for the deployment of 5G technology services in the Commission’s second phase of 3.5GHz Spectrum auction conducted December 2022.

Airtel Nigeria later emerged the sole bidder and winner of the licence in the auction process.

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