Delhi Police Personnel Arrest a Nigerian Suspect (in T-shirt) in India Photo: Hindustan Times

Expired Visas: 200 African nationals obstruct Indian Police over arrest, detention of 5 Nigerians

*Chandan Chaudhary, Indian Deputy Commissioner of Police (South) explains about 200 African nationals gathered Saturday, January 7, and obstructed the Police team while effecting arrest of the affected Nigerian nationals on Delhi, the country’s capital

Isola Moses | ConsumerConnect

For alleged overstay in the country with expired visas, Delhi Police personnel have detained five Nigerians in India.

ConsumerConnect learnt the Delhi Police Saturday, January 7, 2023, detained the affected Nigerian nationals for staying illegally in the country’s capital.

During the day Saturday, there were several photos and videos of people seen obstructing the Police team in south Delhi’s Neb Sarai area when they had gone to apprehend the Nigerian nationals, Hindustan Times report said.

Chandan Chaudhary, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) South, disclosed about 150-200 people from other African countries had tried to stop the Police team from detaining those who were living despite the expiration of their visas.

Chaudhary said: “A Police team reached Raju Park for deportation proceedings of overstaying foreign nationals.

“At about 2:30 p.m. (on Saturday), the team apprehended three African nationals whose visas had expired.”

The DCP also stated: “The Police team was trying to bring the Nigerian nationals to the police station.

“Suddenly, about 100 African nationals gathered there and obstructed the team.”

He noted: “In the meantime, two of the detained people escaped.

“Philip (22), a resident of Nigeria was apprehended.”

It was gathered DCP Chaudhary disclosed that another Police team stormed the area around 6.30p.m. Saturday evening, to apprehend more people.

The DCP said: “Four Nigerians named David William (53), Igwe Emmanuel Chimezie (33), Aziegbe John (24) and Queen Godwin (26) were detained.

“About 150-200 African nationals gathered there.”

Chaudhary further said that “they were also trying to help the detained people to escape, but after sincere efforts, Police succeeded to bring them to the police station.

“Further the deportation proceeding for apprehended overstaying foreign nationals is being done.”

Besides, the Indian Police said David Williams, one of the five detained Nigerian nationals, also  has a case of cheating against him.

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