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Insecurity: Buhari approves technology deployment in South-East –Governor

*Governor (Senator) Hope Uzodinma of Imo State of Nigeria discloses with President Muhammadu Buhari’s approval, advanced surveillance equipment will soon be delivered to the region of the country to advance the fight against insecurity without collateral damage

Alexander Davis | ConsumerConnect

President Muhammadu Buhari has approved the deployment of advanced technology to tackle insecurity in the South-East of Nigeria.

ConsumerConnect reports Governor (Senator) Hope Uzodinma of Imo State disclosed this development to State House correspondents after meeting with President Buhari Tuesday, January 3, 2023, at the Presidential Villa, Abuja,FCT.

Governor (Senator) Hope Uzodinma of Imo State

The Imo State Governor said he was at the State House to meet with Buhari  for approval of technology deployment to deal effectively with the rising insecurity in the region.

Uzodinma noted with the President’s approval, advanced surveillance equipment would soon be delivered to the South-East region to enhance the fight against insecurity without collateral damage to the population.

He also stated that he was   at The Presidency to commend Buhari for what he has done for the South-East region, including the recent conversion of the Federal Medical Centre Owerri to a University Teaching Hospital for the Federal University of Technology, and the approval that converted Alvan Ikoku College of Education into a Federal College of Education.

Uzodinma further noted that he visit the Nigerian President on behalf of his people.

He said it was “also to thank him for the various support he gave to us during this our period of security challenges and the support he’s also given to us in terms of the various approvals.

“The approval to convert Federal Medical Center Owerri to a university teaching hospital for the Federal University of Technology, the approval that converted Alvan Ikoku College of Education to a federal college of education.

“Only two weeks ago, Igbos that came home from Lagos and outside South East enjoyed the benefit of the second Niger Bridge something that is worthy of commendation,” stated Uzodinma.

He as well said: “I also appealed to him for further support, to support us with some technological deployments; we have planned to be able to do an advanced kind of security control in the South East.

“And he has also given his approval to that.

“And in a moment from now, we’ll be getting some surveillance equipment and some modern technologies that will help us manage security so that we can fight crime with little or no collateral damage to the environment.”

Assurance for Imo State in 2023

Governor Uzodinma said: “Well, my people are enthusiastic and committed Nigerians and we believe in the unity of the country.

“And we believe that for us to grow as a people, we need the support and cooperation of federal government, and that I’ve always stood for.”

He noted: “Going forward, I know 2023 will be better than 2022.

“And the level of development, we witnessed from 2020 to 2022 will be improved upon.

“My people have seen a lot of thing. If you go to South East, in imo State for instance, we got approval of Mr. President, that has now enabling the government imo partnering with the Nigerian Navy to dredge Oguta river to Orashi River to the sea, that is opening up that maritime route.

“Then, if there is a Naval base, that we will now manage and control, pipelines vandalism, crude oil theft, and all forms of criminality that besieged that area for a very long time.

“And the crime is has gone down tremendously, since the Navel base was established.”

The governor stated: “So, I think we have hope for a better Nigeria.

“The road that we just completed that was commissioned by Mr. President, the Owerri to orlu, dualised expressway Mr. President has approved that Imo state government be refunded.

“The good news is every day I come to Mr. President, one positive approval or the other.”

He also remarked: “So, our people are happy, we’re committed, we’re happy. “we have never had it so good. So and that is why I continue to tell you,that the party to beat in my state is APC.

“Those who are fighting me in my state are not saying we’re not working. “They’re not saying we’re not developing the place. They are not accusing us of corruption.

“All they are saying is that they are contriving, instigating insecurity out of desperation, and then blaming the security on a government.

“I’ve seen at the sub national that critical security measures are managed and controlled by federal government.”

He added: “So, I cannot be blamed for insecurity, because you cannot single out Imo State.

National security is about the 36 states of the Federation and FCT inclusive.

“So, I think we’ve done so well. And I’m happy by the grace of God, as soon as we’re able to bring the security to naught, we’ll have an environment that we will all celebrate and be happy with.”

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