Engr. Seyi Makinde, Governor of Oyo State

How I got cured of virus infection with local solutions -Governor


* Engr. Makinde says local solutions exist to boost immunity, overcome virus

* Vows to ensure no Oyo State citizen dies from COVID-19
Emerging COVID-19 negative, following his weeks of isolation and needed treatment, Engr. Seyi Makinde, Governor of Oyo State, has related what he did while under quarantine in order to become victorious over Coronavirus infection.

ConsumerConnect recalls Governor Makinde had announced that he was positive of the disease and went into isolation.

He got all-clear and announced he had become negative Sunday night.

Nigerian Tribune reports that Makinde, while on a private radio station based in the state, gave an account of his time in isolation, and how he was able to test negative after earlier testing positive.

Maintaining that he remained asymptomatic, the governor stated that he only put in efforts at boosting his immunity, and used his time in isolation to regularly exercise on the treadmill.

According to him, he consumed Vitamin C, carrots as well as blackseed oil mixed with honey in boosting his immunity to overcome the virus eventually.

Accordingly, he has urged all residents of the state not to fret, saying that local solutions existed to boost immunity and overcome the virus.

Makinde said: “My very good friend and brother, Dr. Muyideen Olatunji, is the one in charge of the Primary Healthcare for Oyo State.

“He came to me and said, look, I am going to send to you this blackseed oil; it boosts immunity.

“So, I mixed it with honey and took one teaspoon in the morning and one in the evening.

There are local solutions to boost immunity.
“Our people should not fret. Just as I have been able to get the virus out of my system, so will it be for majority of our people.”

According to Makinde, his days in isolation also offered him a time to rethink his programmes and policies for the state as well as how to handle the socioeconomic effects of COVID-19 on the state.

“I have lost a little bit of weight which I think is good. When you are in isolation, the tendency is just to watch television and eat, I was eating Amala.

“But I was also using the treadmill. It has also been a period to reflect and look at the programmes, policies and the things we want to do for the people of Oyo state and also reflect on how the COVID-19 is going to affect us socially and economically.”

He promised the commitment of his administration to ensure that no citizen of the state dies from contracting the virus.

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