Insecurity: Why Amotekun may become State Police in Nigeria –RMAFC

*Mohammed Shehu, Chairman of the Revenue Mobilisation Allocation and Fiscal Commission, lauds the Amotekun Corps’ efforts at protecting Nigerians in the South-West region, expressing optimism the security outfit may signal the beginning of State Police in the country

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In acknowledging the support of the security outfit to tackle crimes over time, Mohammed Shehu, Chairman of the Revenue Mobilisation Allocation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC), has expressed optimism the South-West Security Network codenamed ‘Amotekun Corps’, might signal the beginning of State Police in Nigeria.

Shehu, who commended South-West Governors for the Amotekun initiative, said the security outfit had helped to tackle crimes since its creation in the region .

The RMAFC Chief stated this when he paid a courtesy visit to the Amotekun Command Headquarters in Akure, Ondo State capital, report said.

Represented by Isiak Hamid, Team Leader of the Indices and Disbursement Committee,  Shehu said the request for more funding for the Corps was germane.

The Chairman of RMAFC also noted: “We want to commend Governor Akeredolu and other Governors in the South-West state for coming up with the noble initiative which has continued to reduce crime to its barest minimum in the area.

“Maybe, this would be the beginning of State Police in Nigeria.”

He further stated: “We have heard of your financial request, and we can see that you deserve more than what you are requesting for because this is about saving lives and and it is one of the fundamental duties of every government.

“We have seen commitment, qualities and real patriotism.

“We can see that Mr. Governor have not set this Security outfit as a joke. It is not cosmetic.

“We will convey your message to our Chairman who has sent us and we also ask that the state Governor gives a certain percentage to Amotekun to access stabilisation fund and it is our prayer that some part of it gets to the needs of the Corps.”

Speaking at the forum, Akogun Adetunji Adeleye,  Amotekun Commander in Ondo State, said the regional security outfit would need more support in the area of funding for equipment to holistically tackle crimes and ensure that people of the state sleep with their two eyes closed.

Adeleye noted: “One major advantage that we have is that we understand the terrain, and we have the men, but we don’t have the equipment.

“Our security architecture is enhanced by very good communication equipment that we have, but it is grossly inadequate, but functional.

“For over two and a half years now, I can say we are worse kit in the face of enormous security challenges which may affect the socio-economic growth of the state.

The Commander also said: “Within our first six months of coming on board, we received over 5,000 petitions from farmers complaining that they were being robbed, Kidnapped and their livestock and farmlands destroyed, but within our we limited resources, we were able to arrest the situation.

“Ondo State is the gateway to the entire south west region.

“You would have been saving future generations if you assist us with adequate fund to cushion the challenge of inadequate funding.”

Adeleye further said: “We need to respond simultaneously whenever robbers struck and this can be effectively done through 24/7 patrol, hence the dire need for supports.

“You can imagine a whole local government with one car.

“Despite our inadequacy, we are still able to use the little equipment we have to monitor parts of the forest,but we would have wanted a Satellite Based tracker.”

The Amotekun chief also disclosed “thank God, we have not lost our personnel, but it’s just the grace of God and support of people.

“But it would have been easier for us with modern equipment to track down bandits.

“With such equipment, we would be able to see from a remote position.

“So we are looking at a situation where within the ambit of the law setting up the Corps, we are allowed to use non prohibited fire arms, we don’t even have money for it.”

Akogun Adeleye added: “What we have are Dane guns and Pump actions that can not stand the fire power of there criminals.”

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