Coronavirus: How to wear your medical nose mask correctly

* Choice of nose masks makes a difference  -Experts

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In view of the outbreak of COVID-19 disease in Nigeria, it has been observed that many consumers of the product do not understand how to wear it appropriately.

There is only one way to wear a surgical mask correctly, and that is with the coloured side facing outside, a piece in Opera has said.

And it doesn’t matter if you are wearing the mask because you are sick and don’t want to spread your germs, or are wearing it to prevent yourself from being infected with Coronavirus.

As the world faces the spread of the “Wuhan Coronavirus”, many have suggested measures on how to prevent contracting this fatal virus.

One of such measures is about the correct way to way a mask, purportedly with the coloured side facing outside if you’re sick and the white side outside if you want to “stop the germs from getting in.”

However, the claim is false, according to Medical Mythbusters Malaysia, a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) working to counter myths and inaccurate facts on medical matters.

Bel Nawhen, one of its columnists, said that surgical masks are usually worn by healthcare professionals to prevent infections transmitted by respiratory droplets.

Specifically, according to Nawhen, the outer layer is hydrophobic or is a fluid-repelling layer while the inner layer is to absorb moisture, as the air we breathe out contains moisture.

There is also typically a middle layer that filters bacteria.

“The function of the blue/green layer is to prevent germs from sticking to it.

“If you wear the mask the other way, the moisture from the air will stick onto it, making it easier for germs to stay there.

“When you breathe in, the germs will transfer from the outside later and straight into your lungs, ” Bel wrote in a Facebook post January 2019.

It should be noted that the mask must fully cover both the mouth and nose, and it is for single use only, he submitted.

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