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N2.66bn Debt: Continued operations of debtor stations illegal, constitute threat to national security −NBC (Full List)

*The National Broadcasting Commission revokes licences of Silverbird, DAAR Communications, Lagos Broadcasting Corporation, and 44 others, explains some of the country’s broadcast licensees are yet to pay outstanding debts, and continued operations of the ‘debtor stations is illegal and constitutes a threat to national security’

Isola Moses | ConsumerConnect

For failure to renew their broadcast licences amounting to N2.66 billion, the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) has disclosed it revoked the broadcast licences of Silverbird TV, AIT, Raypower FM, and Rhythm FM, and tens of others

ConsumerConnect reports the Nigerian broadcast industry regulatory Commission, in a statement issued Friday, August 19, 2022, noted that the latest decision followed the publication of a list of stations yet to renew their licences

The NBC revealed that a two-week waiver was given to them May this year to do pay up, after which they risked the revocation of their broadcast licences.

However, three months after the notification, NBC said, “some licensees are yet to pay their outstanding debts, in contravention of the National Broadcasting Commission Act CAP N11, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004, particularly section 10(a) of the third schedule of the Act.

“Therefore, after due consideration, NBC hereby announces the revocation of the licenses of stations, and gives them 24 hours to shut down their operations.

“Our offices nationwide are hereby directed to collaborate with security agencies to ensure immediate compliance.”

The regulator also noted the continued operation of the “debtor stations is illegal and constitutes a threat to national security.”

The NBC urged the affected broadcast stations yet to renew their licences for the present duration to do so within the next 30 days, or risk punishment.

It further noted the Friday’s list the Commission released is the first batch.

The regulator said it would release a second batch of the defaulters soon.

“The Commission also calls on all IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) and all other broadcast stations that are streaming online to register with the Commission to avoid disconnection.

“Broadcasters should note that having a DTT or FM licence does not warrant a broadcaster to stream online; they are two different licences,” stated NBC.

Meanwhile, the Broadcasting Organisation of Nigeria (BON), has said that the regulator will work with the stakeholders to resolve the matter.

Below is the list of affected stations:

  1. Rhythm FM (Silverbird Communications Ltd) FM Abuja
  2. Rhythm FM (Silverbird Communications Ltd) FM Lagos
  3. Rhythm FM (Silverbird Communications Ltd) FM Yenagoa
  4. Rhythm FM (Silverbird Communications Ltd) FM Port Harcourt
  5. Rhythm FM (Silverbird Communications Ltd) FM Jos
  6. Rhythm FM (Silverbird Communication Ltd) Benin
  7. AIT/Ray Power FM (DAAR Communications Plc) Network
  8. Greetings FM (Greetings Media Ltd)
  9. FM Network Tao FM (Ovidi Communications Ltd)
  10. FM Okene, Zuma FM (Zuma FM Ltd)
  11. FM Suleja Crowther FM (Crowther Communications Ltd) FM Abuja
  12. We FM (Kings Broadcasting Ltd)
  13. FM Benin Linksman International Itd
  14. Keffi Bomay Broadcasting Services Ltd Abuja
  15. MITV (Murhi International Group Ltd) Ibadan
  16. Classic FM (Pinkt Nigeria Ltd) Port-Harcourt
  17. Classic FM (Pinkt Nigeria Ltd) Lagos
  18. Classic TV (Pinkt Nigeria Ltd) Lagos
  19. Beat FM (Megalectrics LTD) Lagos
  20. Cooper Communications Ltd Lagos
  21. Splash FM (West Midlands Ltd) Ibadan
  22. Osun State Broadcasting Corporation
  23. Rock City FM (Boot Communications Ltd) Abeokuta
  24. Family FM (Kalaks Investments Nig. Ltd) Ilugun
  25. Space FM (Creazioni Nig. Ltd) Ibadan
  26. Radio Jeremi (Radio Jeremi Itd) Effurun
  27. Breeze FM (Bays Water Ltd) Akure
  28. Vibes FM (Vibes Communication Ltd) Benin
  29. Family Love FM (Multimesh Broadcasting Co. Ltd) Port-Harcourt
  30. Wave FM (South Atlantic Media Ltd)
  31. Kogi State Broadcasting Corporation
  32. Kwara State Broadcasting Corporation
  33. Niger State Broadcasting Corporation
  34. Gombe State Broadcasting Corporation
  35. Lagos State Broadcasting Corporation
  36. Ogun State Broadcasting Corporation
  37. Ondo State Broadcasting Corporation

38: Rivers State Broadcasting Corporation

  1. Bayelsa State Broadcasting Corporation
  2. Cross River State Broadcasting Corporation
  3. Imo State Broadcasting Corporation
  4. Anambra State Broadcasting Corporation
  5. Borno State Broadcasting Corporation
  6. Yobe State Broadcasting Corporation
  7. Sokoto State Broadcasting Corporation
  8. Zamfara State Broadcasting Corporation
  9. Kebbi State Broadcasting Corporation
  10. Jigawa State Broadcasting Corporation
  11. Kaduna State Broadcasting Corporation
  12. Katsina State Broadcasting Corporation
  13. Lagos DSB, and
  14. Silverbird TV

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