Estimated Electricity Bills: How to avoid being unfairly shortchanged −FCCPC

*Nigeria’s Federal Competion and Consumer Protection Commission urges electricity consumers, especially those on estimated billing system, to track their bills in order to reduce discrepancies

Gbenga Kayode | ConsumerConnect

As regards resolution of the increasing electricity distribution and supply issues in the power sector of the Nigerian economy, the Federal Competion and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) has advised consumers on practical measures “to avoid being unfairly shortchanged.”

ConsumerConnect reports the market regulatory Commission in a tweet via its verified Twitter account said, “although metering is the most accurate way to determine consumption, tracking your estimated electricity bill will reduce discrepancies, if you are on estimated billing.”

The FCCPC, therefore, urged electricity consumers in the public education material titled, “A Guide for Unmetered Electricity Consumers” to see the guidance on how to avoid any unfair treatment by the Electricity Distribution Companies (DisCos).

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