Senate proposes 10-year jail term for generator dealers

Alexander Davis | ConsumerConnect

In a bid to curb the prevalent menace of environmental pollution and manage the current seemingly wholesale dependence on power ‘generators’ as an alternative to public electricity supply in Nigeria, a bill has been proposed in the Senate to sentence anyone who imports or knowingly sells generating sets in the country to a 10-year jail term.

Senator Muhammad Bima from Niger State, sponsor of the bill proposed legislation titled: “Generating Set (Prohibition/Ban) Bill 2020”, Wednesday.

The fresh bill has passed its first reading in the Upper Legislative Chamber.

As regards the bill, Senator Bima stated that its purpose is to curb the menace of environmental pollution, which leads to potential health hazards to the Nigerian population.

ConsumerConnect, however, learnt that the bill, however, does not apply to the importation or sale of any generating set to be used for essential services.

Such services, according to the sponsor of the bill, include those rendered in hospitals and nursing homes, airports, railway stations, elevators and research institutions or such facilities that require 24-hour power supply.

Approval for exclusion shall be obtained from the Minister for Power who shall brief the Federal Executive Council (FEC) quarterly on approvals granted, states the bill.

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