7 Foods that could hasten your ageing

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It is, indeed, an irony of life that even though we never want to look old, yet most humans really want the chance to grow old.

Ageing, according to Microsoft Encarta, is described as “the process of growing old, especially of acquiring the physical and mental characteristics of old age.”

However, lots of factors play into how fast you age, and how obviously that ageing shows up on your skin as a human.

Genetics may be the greatest of these, but latest research indicates that there are plenteously several things that you can control when it comes to ageing, says OrganicWelcome.com

Smoking, sun exposure, and especially your diet make a huge difference. It is interesting to note that we all want to ‘look good’, but when you ‘feel good’, it also shows on your face.

Premature ageing, nonetheless, cannot only cause aches and pains, it can also leave your body open for chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer.

Taking charge of your diet now can help you to stay young on the inside and the outside! It is probably no surprise that healthy eating includes lots of fruits and vegetables coupled with reasonable portions of lean meat.

To help you get a handle on what it is important to avoid, OrganicWelcome.com has collected seven foods that will take you in the wrong direction.

It recommends that you cut these items out of your diet to rock a healthy body now and long into the future.

  1. Margarine. Butter got a really bad reputation some years ago due to its saturated fat content. Margarine was supposed to be the answer that would let us enjoy buttery flavour without the fat. Unfortunately, margarine is actually quite a bit worse for your body.

Margarine is packed with trans fats that raise your risk of chronic disease. It also messes with the hydration level of your body. Chronic dehydration is a prime driver of wrinkles, definitely an unwanted consequence.

Margarine additionally contains a high level of omega-6 fatty acids. While your body needs some of these, it’s easy to get too many, and that tends to create inflammation.

  1. Convenience Foods. We get it: life is busy. Cooking fresh meals every day can feel like an insurmountable challenge.

Many microwave meals and packaged dishes that make mealtime easier are actually hiding a decidedly unhealthy secret – salt, and lots of it.

Many of us get too much salt in our diets. It is actually really easy to do when we rely on convenience foods, or what many call fast food meals in Nigeria and other economies. Sodium can cause water retention and make you look and feel bloated and puffy.

If healthy cooking really doesn’t fit into your schedule, explore a healthy meal delivery service instead.

  1. Energy Drinks. If you feel like you need energy drinks to power through your day, get your butt to bed earlier each night! Improving your sleep hygiene can do a lot to help you feel and look younger, but energy drinks do just the opposite.

They are high in sugar, caffeine, sodium and acid. That deadly combo will damage and stain your teeth as well as contribute to dehydration.

Right now you are probably shaking your head and thinking that you simply can’t get more sleep with the responsibilities on your plate.

But consider the fact that a chronic shortage of sleep makes you a lot less capable and efficient in your daily tasks.

It can be hard to draw the line and say, “I’m done for the day; I need to rest.” But when you do, you’ll find that everything you have to do the next day gets done a lot faster.

  1. Sugary Treats. Sugar is probably public enemy No. 1 when it comes to premature ageing. It is packed into all sorts of foods at simply unconscionable levels, so we are eating it all day long even when the food itself isn’t a dessert.

It’s a huge problem, because sugar is the biggest driver of obesity and inflammation, not to mention tooth decay.

Eating too much sugar sets up a perfect environment in your body for chronic disease. Not only does it contribute to the development of diabetes, but sugar is the favourite fuel of cancer cells.

We encourage you to read labels carefully for anything you’re considering buying at the store. And sadly, cutting out sweet treats like baked goods, candy, and sodas is crucial if you want to maintain your youthful appearance.

  1. High Glycemic Index Carbs. Breads and pastas made with refined white flour are high on the glycemic index, meaning that they spike your blood sugar really quickly. That sets you up for a high and a crash, a cycle that can definitely show on your face. Refined carbs have been proven to accelerate the skin’s ageing and cause blemishes such as acne and rosacea.

Instead, eat whole wheat products. They fill you up better than the refined stuff, plus they can lower blood pressure and reduce your risk of chronic illnesses including type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Another option is to get really creative and eat pasta made with beans and bread based on ground flaxseeds.

  1. Alcohol. Don’t panic! We are not saying that you need to give up alcohol all together. Drinking to excess is the problem when it comes to premature ageing.

Getting absolutely blasted tends to cause free radical damage throughout your body, especially if those drinks are high in sugar.

Alcohol also strips the body of vitamin A, which is crucial to the process of cell renewal and turnover.

So by all means, have a glass or two with your pals. But steer clear of those that contain a lot of sugar (think mixers like juice or soda) in favour of wine, champagne, or mixed drinks with soda water and lime.

It’s also smart to alternate each alcoholic beverage with water to keep your hydration levels up.

  1. Preserved Meats. The latest research around preserved meats says that the nitrates and nitrites used for preservation put your body at risk for cancer. That’s because they create free radicals that lead to oxidation damage of cells and your very DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid).

Enough free radical damage sets up an environment ripe for cancer or other chronic disease, plus it really ages your skin.

So skip the bacon, hot dogs, and sausages in favour of vegetarian versions or else lean, organic meat over processed forms. Yeah, this one’s going to hurt.

But in the end, the cleanest and most minimally processed foods are always going to be the ones that support your youthful appearance and attitude.


Slowing down the ageing process is something that we all want to do. Marketers and cosmetics companies know this full well, and that’s why the market is flooded with products advertised to sweep decades of wear and tear off of your body.

Unfortunately, it is not as easy and simply buying a product and slathering it on your skin. But – it is doable with the right diet.

Avoid the seven foods on this list to ensure the kind of health that comes from the inside out. It will show through in the end.

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