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Ukraine Invasion: Nestlé suspends ‘vast majority of manufacturing’, halts sales of non-essential items in Russia

*Following growing global criticisms of its continual operations in Russia, Nestlé has declared it is suspending renowned Nestlé brands, such as KitKat and Nesquik, having also halted non-essential imports and exports into and out of Russia over Ukraine invasion

Isola Moses | ConsumerConnect

In a U-turn, and following recent groundswell of biting worldwide criticisms of the food giant’s continued operations in Russia, which Ukrainian President Volodimyr Zelenskyy has described as the company’s ‘business as usual’, Nestlé is suspending “the vast majority of its manufacturing” and halting sales of several non-essential items in Russia.

ConsumerConnect reports the world’s largest food maker Wednesday, March 23, 2022, in an update on the situation published on its corporate Web site said it would pull back on consumer items, such as KitKat candy bars and Nesquik chocolate, but will continue selling essential foods, including baby food and medical nutrition.

Nestlé stated: “As the war rages in Ukraine, our activities in Russia will focus on providing essential food, such as infant food and medical/hospital nutrition ─not on making a profit.

“This approach is in line with our purpose and values. It upholds the principle of ensuring the basic right to food.”

According to the company, “we are suspending renowned Nestlé brands such as KitKat and Nesquik, among others. We have already halted non-essential imports and exports into and out of Russia, stopped all advertising, and suspended all capital investment in the country.

“Of course, we are fully complying with all international sanctions on Russia.”

Nestlé further stated while it does not expect to make a profit in the country or pay any related taxes for the foreseeable future in Russia, any profit would be donated to humanitarian relief organisations.

“This is in addition to the hundreds of tons of food supplies and significant financial assistance that we have already contributed to support the people in Ukraine and refugees in neighbouring countries.

“And these efforts will continue. We stand with the people of Ukraine and our 5,800 employees there,” the company added.

Recall this publication had reported Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy recently indicted Nestlé, and urged Swiss companies to stop doing business, while asking the Swiss banks to freeze funds belonging to the Kremlin elite by joining his people to ‘fight against evil’.

Amid the continued war instigated by Russia, President Zelensky in a live address to a Swiss rally outside the Parliament in Bern at the weekend lamented and indicted multinational corporations, including Nestlé for carrying on business as usual with Russia, alleging “even though our children are dying.”

The Ukrainian President as well condemned other firms that have maintained business as usual despite the siege of Mariupol.

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