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Brain Drain: We need improved welfare package —Medical Doctors

Nigerian Medical Sector Struggles

Web Editor | ConsumerConnect

Brain drain has been the bane of marked development in the sector of the economy for years, as the industry struggles to provide effective and efficient healthcare for Nigerians.

As Nigeria battles with this serious challenge and its attendant consequences on the economy cum citizenry, specifically in the health sector with a ratio of one doctor to 6,000 patients, medical doctors have urged the government to look beyond the minimum wage and design a proper welfare package to end migration of health professionals overseas.

Speaking at the ‘Good Health Weekly’ on Vanguard Live, the medical professionals maintained that while minimum wage is good, it is not the ultimate now.

They hinged their observation on the fact that estimated eight out of every 10 Nigerian doctors are contemplating leaving the country for greener pasture.

About four medical doctors leave the nation’s shores every month, they noted.

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