Presidents Joe Biden (US) and Vladimir Putin (Russia) Photo Collage: WashingtonPost

Biden warns Russia of ‘decisive’ action over likely humanitarian crisis in Ukraine

*President Joe Biden has restated that a ‘further’ Russian invasion of Ukraine will produce widespread human suffering and diminish Russia’s standing in the international system

Isola Moses | ConsumerConnect

The White House says United States (US) President Joe Biden has warned his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin that the US and allies would “respond decisively”, if Russia “further” invades Ukraine.

A White House official disclosed that the two leaders spoke on a secure call for about an hour morning on Saturday, February 12, 2022, regarding the troop buildup around Ukraine, agency report said.

“President Biden reiterated that a further Russian invasion of Ukraine would produce widespread human suffering and diminish Russia’s standing,” the White House said.

According to a US official, the call produced no fundamental change, and it was unclear if Russia would pursue diplomacy or military action over its activities in Ukraine.

However, the White House noted while the United States was prepared to engage in diplomacy, Washington has remained “equally prepared for other scenarios,” the White House added.

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