Blackouts: TCN restores 180MW at Egbin power station in Lagos

*The Transmission Company of Nigeria reports it has restored 180MW of the 630MW shutdown at Egbin Power station in Lagos State

Emmanuel Akosile | ConsumerConnect

Following the fire incident at the facility Wednesday, February 2, 2022, the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) says it has restored 180Megawatts (MW) of out the 630MW shutdown at Egbin Power station, in Ikorodu, Lagos State.

ConsumerConnect reports the TCN noted the current load shedding being experienced in the Lagos axis is as a result of the fire incident Wednesday.

Mrs. Ndidi Mbah, General Manager, Public Affairs at TCN, disclosed this development in  a statement issued in Abuja, FCT, recalled that the fire necessitated the shutdown of all the power generating units in the power station after the incident.

The TCN also explained that with the shutdown of the units, a total of 630MW was removed from the grid.

According to the company, the removal of 630MW from the grid at the same time means that TCN had to strive to ensure that it achieves generation load balance to maintain the stability of the grid.

The statement noted that the company did this by reducing bulk electricity to Lagos in order to avoid overloading the 330kV lines within the state, while the third unit at the Shiroro Station was tied.

“These were necessary to avoid the collapse of the nation’s grid,” Mbah said.

It was gathered Egbin Power Station, meanwhile, is intensifying efforts at ensuring full restoration of its generating units to the grid as it continues to do all it can to keep the grid stable.

TCN will continue the evacuation of generated power from Egbin Power Station as soon as the station resumes power generation, said the company.

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