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‘Border closure good for textiles industry, keep it shut’

Isola Moses | ConsumerConnect

The Federal Government of Nigeria’s directive on ongoing border closure of the Nigerian land borders since August 2o19 is somewhat a matter different strokes for different folks, as Senator Walid Jibrin, Life Patron of Nigerian Textiles Manufacturers Association (NTMA), has said the partial closure the land borders can ensure revival of some moribund textiles industries in Nigeria and keep the surviving ones afloat.

Senator Jibrin has urged the Federal Government to keep the borders closed because it helps in frustrating smuggling of foreign textiles products into the country.

The Nation reports that the Federal legislator, who is also the Sarkin Fulani of Nasarawa, stated this after the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of NTMA in Kaduna, Kaduna State capital, where he was unanimously elected as the Life Patron.

Jibrin who said he had put in over 45 years in the textiles industry in Nigeria thus far.

He said, “During my acceptance speech, I thanked all members for the confidence they have in me to elect me to this highest position in the textiles industry.

It regretted that the industry that was proud of employing over 300,000 workers with 175 textiles industries in existence in the 80s, has in its employ less than 30,000 employees with surviving Industries of only 30 now.

He congratulated the Federal Government on turning attention to the textiles Industry, especially in the areas of trying to curb smuggling by introducing policies aimed at reviving the industry.

The textiles industry welcomes the closure of Nigerian borders, which has tremendously reduced the rate of smuggling of textiles fabrics to Nigeria.

“We want the border closure to remain because smuggling of foreign textiles fabrics into our country is not good for the revival of the industry in Nigeria,” NTMA Life Patron said.

According to him, “the textile industry is also in dire need of adequate electricity to aid its production as against the use of 70% generators as against 30% PHCN usage.

“The industry also appreciates the Government through the CBN for giving support to cotton production and textile industry to produce Made in Nigeria uniforms for the Armed Forces, Immigration, Customs”, and Correctional Service.

“The Bank of Industry (BoI) has done very well in giving loans to the industry. Once the Industry is revived there is guarantee for adequate employment in Nigeria.”

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