Paracetamol abuse harmful, could cause liver, kidney failures –Expert

Isola Moses | ConsumerConnect

With regard to the continual calls on Nigerian consumers to not abuse drugs in any form protect their well-being, Gbenga Adebusoye, a medical doctor with the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital (UITH), Ilorin, Kwara State capital, again, has warned that abuse of paracetamol in general and in tenderising meat in particular, could lead to liver and kidney failures.

Report indicates that Dr. Adebusoye gave the warning in a telephone interview with News Agency of Nigeria Thursday, February 20.

He said drugs were chemicals, and should not be taken lightly. When abused, they could be toxic to the human system and could endanger lives.

According to the medical professional, the abuse of paracetamol leads to rapid damage of the liver, which can cause acute liver injury resulting in liver failure that cannot be managed except by a liver transplant in the end.

In consonance with the NAFDAC warnings against abuse of the drug in recent times, Adebusoye also stated that paracetamol should not be used to tenderise meat and for any other purpose, besides its clinical use and the specified dosage.

“Its abuse is highly detrimental to health,” he declared.

He said that drugs were usually meant to be stored in places with cool temperatures not above 25 degrees Celsius.

According to him, if drugs were not properly stored and left in places with high temperature, the act also could damage the content of the drugs, making it less potent.

This comes with the possibility of chemical reactions that could be dangerous and harmful, turning the drug from a useful substance into a harmful one, he said.

Dr. Adebusoye, therefore, advised people to desist from the abuse of drugs in general as such act could be very fatal to human health.

ConsumerConnect recalls that some food vendors and caterers reportedly have been using paracetamol tablets to tenderise tough meat, while others even use tablespoons, nails and potassium to cook foods.

Some food vendors in Jos denied making use of paracetamol in tenderising their meats, but some admitted to using potassium in tenderising cowhide (Pomo) and beans, report added.

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