Nigeria activates enhanced e-passport to curb forgery, improve efficiency: Minister

*The Federal Government describes the new e-passport as a ‘huge improvement’ over the standard passport introduced in 2007, and it’s designed to reduce the incidence of ‘economy of corruption’ clogging the application process in the country

Gbenga Kayode | ConsumerConnect

In a move to minimise the alleged ‘economy of corruption’ clogging the process over time, the Federal Government has launched an enhanced e-passport to improve application procedure for Nigerians at time and overseas.

ConsumerConnect reports Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, Honourable Minister for Interior, said the official launch of the enhanced e-passport took place at the Nigerian High Commission in London, United Kingdom (UK).

Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, Honourable Minister for Interior

Sola Fasure, Media Adviser to the Minister in a statement said: “What we have come to do here (UK) is symbolic of the core mandate of the Ministry, and indeed, the Federal Government of Nigeria affirmation of citizenship integrity.

“As we are all aware, there have been huge challenges in passport administration, from shortage of booklet to touting and an economy of corruption built around it.”

The Minister also stated: “These challenges have persisted for too long and a lot of people have become cynical while others have taken them as normal and then roll with it.

“I do not believe that any problem is insurmountable, so we are going to solve all the problems associated with passport administration and we are already succeeding.”

Aregbesola further said that the new e-passport was a “huge improvement” over the standard passport introduced in 2007.

It has more sophisticated security features, making it one of the most secured passports in the world, stated the Minister.

He also noted: “The enhanced e-passport is a great improvement on the biometric passport technology which Nigeria adopted in 2007 as a strategic step towards curbing forgery.

“Impersonation and other forms of frauds associated with obtaining travel document under the old machine readable passport regime.”

Aregbesola added: “We are aware that technology rules the world and we are keeping abreast of the latest development in the field.

“Over the years, the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) had worked assiduously and in close synergy with Messrs Iris Smart Technologies Limited to develop and implement passport reforms.”

According to him, the reforms conforms to international best practices, including extant International Civil Aviation Organisation’s (ICAO) Standards and Regulations.

Isa Jere, Acting Comptroller-General of NIS, expressed the Service’s readiness to meet the demands for passports in the UK.

Jere assured the NIS Officers are ever ready to roll out the new passports at the official rate published on the NIS Web site.

The NIS Acting Comptroller-General said: “We are ready to serve the public and start rolling out the new enhanced e-passport in the UK with immediate effect. Our staff are professionals and will deliver excellent service to our citizens.

“Those who have any complaints whatsoever are advised to use the publicly listed complaints channels to adequately resolve any issues raised.”

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