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Vaccine Hesitancy: Many workers ready to quit jobs rather than get vaccinated ─Survey

*The Kaiser Family Foundation October 2021 study discovered that 40 percent of unvaccinated American consumers are willing to quit their jobs rather than be vaccinated

Isola Moses | ConsumerConnect

A new study has revealed that several personnel are willing to quit jobs rather than be vaccinated with the COVID-19 Vaccines against the damaging virus.

The study findings found that COVID-19 Vaccine mandates were devised to force people to get vaccinated against the virus.

A new study suggests it is encouraging people to quit their jobs instead.

The October Survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation discovered that 40 percent of unvaccinated Americans are willing to quit their jobs rather than be vaccinated.

Nearly 25 percent of consumers in the survey also said their employers are requiring them to be vaccinated.

The researchers found this reluctance also extends to parents of children aged five to 11, who are not yet eligible to be vaccinated.

Fifty-three percent of parents are worried that their child may be required to get vaccinated for COVID-19 even if they don’t want them to.

Coronavirus ‘brain fog’ may persist for months recovered patients

A symptom of COVID-19 is difficulty in thinking clearly, and a new study finds that this “brain fog” created by the virus often lingers for months after a patient recovers.

The study, published in JAMA Network OpenTrusted Source, adds to existing evidence of cognitive issues related to the Coronavirus.

Study author Dr. Jacqueline Becker said: “One of the main strengths of our study was that we had reliable and valid in-person cognitive measures.”

In the study involving 740 patients, 24 percent had problems with learning new information.

Memory recall, which refers to retrieving previously learned information, was affected in 23 percent of the participants.

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