Nigeria's House of Representatives in Abuja Photo: Julius Berger

Consumer Protection: Lawmakers consider bill to curb fake, contraband pesticides in Nigeria

*The House of Representatives at the plenary noted there is rampant adulteration and faking of plant protection products, thereby causing colossal damage to crop, soil and economy of millions of Nigerian farmers among others

Isola Moses | ConsumerConnect

As a practical measure to safeguard the wellbeing of Nigerian consumers and preserve the country’s flora ecosystem, the House of Representatives at the plenary in the National Assembly (NASS), in Abuja, FCT, have passed for a second reading a bill which seeks the establishment of the Nigerian Pesticide Council.

The basic objective of the bill is to limit fake and contraband pesticides that have found their way into the Nigerian markets, according to report.

Hon. Danduste Muntari, Chairman, House Committee on Agricultural Production and Services, sponsored the proposed legislation, titled: “A Bill for an Act to Provide for the Establishment of Nigeria Pesticide Council, and for Related Matters”.

Fruits and vegetables

During the debate on its general principles, Hon. Muntari said the bill is important to have a controlled mechanism to checkmate the agrochemical industry in the country.

The Federal legislator stated: “There is rampant adulteration and faking of these plant protection products because of the absence of the Pesticide Bill, thereby causing colossal damage to the crop, soil and economy of millions of farmers in Nigeria, among others.”

According to him, the bill seeks to put stringent measures in the products purchase, use and application, as well as be a catalyst to promote food security in the country.

The legislation, when passed, would empower and enable the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to have a data bank of approved pesticides, existing manufacturers and importers and also a compendium of agro-dealers handling the products nationwide, he said.

The lawmaker further noted: “The importance of the Pesticide Bill in a developing country like Nigeria, which is the giant of Africa, and whose greatest comparative advantage lies in agriculture, cannot be overemphasised.

“Pests and diseases cause colossal damage to crop yields and quality, and therefore require quality and environmentally friendly products to control them, to avoid losses of between 50 and 100 percent. The Pesticide Bill will also address product quality and efficacy.”

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