Corps Members at Orientation Camp

Safety: NYSC cautions Corps members against unauthorised journeys during Service

*Brig.-Gen. Shuaibu lbrahim, Director-General of Nigeria’s National Youth Service Corps, says as patriotic Corps members, the serving Nigerian youths are expected to accept posting to anywhere while  urging them to add value to the community

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In view of the current security situation in the country, and the need to protect the young Nigerians from untoward incidents, the Management of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), in Nigeria, has urged serving Corps members against unathorised journeys during the Orientation Camp period in the country.

Brig.-Gen. Shuaibu lbrahim, Director-General of NYSC, issued this directive Monday, September 20, 2021, while debriefing the 2021 Batch ‘B’ Stream Two Corps Members and Camp officials in a nationwide virtual address.

Brig.-Gen. Shuaibu lbrahim, Director-General of NYSC

The NYSC Director-General noted there is nothing like a two-week break after leaving the Orientation Camp, as he said if there is a compelling need for any Corps members to travel, such members must obtain permission from the NYSC through the established channel.

Brig-Gen. Ibrahim said no Corps employer is authorised to grant permission to any Corps Member to travel even after the mandatory Orientation Camp, according to report.

“Once you get to your place of primary assignment tomorrow, don’t put pressure on your employers for rejection.

“Don’t lobby anyone that you want to change your posting or relocation. If they write to us that you induced or forced them to reject you, you will be punished.

“As patriotic Corps Members, it is expected that you accept posting to anywhere you have been posted to and add value to the community,” he stated.

Ibrahim also advised Corps members to avoid induced rejection, as he urged them to accept their posting in good faith, settle down, and contribute their quota to the development of their host communities in Nigeria.

He warned that any Corps Member caught inducing posting or redeployment would be sanctioned in line with NYSC by-laws.

The Director-General, therefore, urged the youths to be patriotic in the service to their fatherland, and ensure they equally add value to themselves, NYSC Scheme, and the society at large.

He further admonished them to take the opportunity of NYSC platform to excel in life after the National Service.

Ibrahim stressed “you have gone through the rudiments of the Orientation Course, please take advantage of it and see what you can do for your fatherland.

“Let the spirit of the Orientation Exercise live in you forever as Nigerians. National integration should be your watchword. We should be united as a country.”

He equally warned against the negative use of the social media, and urged the serving Corps members to verify every information before it is shared to others online.

“Don’t use fake news to promote disunity, shun cybercrimes and all forms of criminality. In whatever action that you are going to take, please look back at where you are coming from and avoid any action that will haunt you tomorrow.

“Shun drugs, be good citizens and good ambassadors of your, institutions, families and the NYSC Scheme,” said he.

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