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Apple’s new iPhone with faster A15 chip ready for launch

*The new iPhones in expected to include ‘a faster A15 chip and a smaller notch, known as the display cutout, besides new screen technology that could enable a faster refresh rate for smoother scrolling

Alexander Davis | ConsumerConnect

With much expectation by consumers of the phone brand models, if there is a thing the world can count on this week, it is a new iPhone.

Apple watchers are perplexed as to exactly what the new model will be called — iPhone 13 or iPhone XIII — but they’re solidly shoulder to shoulder in the expectation that its camera will have higher-resolution video, a video bokeh effect, battery life improvements, and “smarter” filters to give effects-focused users more ways to produce eye candy, agency report noted.

Therefore, based on research, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman’s takeaway is that the camera enhancements might be the biggest highlight for the iPhone fanbase.

Gurman said: “Beyond the camera enhancements, the new iPhones will get relatively modest upgrades.”

According to him, on the technical side of things, these new iPhones “will include a faster A15 chip and a smaller notch, also known as the display cutout, in addition to new screen technology that could enable a faster refresh rate for smoother scrolling.”

In regard to other features, it is noted when Apple announces an event, the Big Tech  rarely lets the cat out of the bag as to what all it will entail.

However, feelers have predicted if Apple does have anything else up their sleeves, everything from a redesigned iPad mini to new AirPods.

MacRumors’ Juli Clover stated: “Apple introduces new Apple Watch models on a yearly basis, and this year, we’re expecting an updated design for the first time in several years,”

“The Apple Watch is expected to feature smaller bezels and a flat-edged design that could be similar to the design of the iPhone 12.

“The new Apple Watch models will come in new 41mm and 45mm size options, and no new health features are expected, though it will get a faster chip and new wireless capabilities.”

The big, nevertheless, “maybe” is that production of the Apple Watch is reportedly facing delays because of its complicated design, report noted.

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