Swedish firm partners with experts to boost digital literacy in Nigerian economy

*Global Wissen Consult, a Sweden-Nigerian firm says the company’s goal is to address digital illiteracy and digitise the Nigerian economy through the deployment of its products

Isola Moses | ConsumerConnect

In order to consciously address digital literacy gap in the West African country and digitise the economy, Global Wissen Consult, a Sweden-Nigerian firm, is partnering with education experts to enhance digital education and skills acquisition for Nigerian youths through digital programmes.

ConsumerConnect gathered Oscar Nwokeji, Co-founder of the firm, stated at a stakeholders’ roundtable that the company’s goal is to address digital illiteracy in the country and digitise the Nigerian economy through the deployment of its products.

Digital transformation concept

On the programme with the theme, “Why Digital Literacy Is Crucial For Your Child’s Future”, Nwokeji, at the meeting hosted by the Embassy of Sweden, in Abuja, said that Global Wissen Consult, a social development enterprise, was established to pass the light of digital literacy to youths through modern ways of learning.

The firm, he said, which believes in bridging the gaps in digital learning for youths in Nigeria, also poised to provide individuals with everything needed to survive in today’s digital world.

This is said to be in line with the efforts of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) and the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) on imparting digital skills to especially youths towards boosting the socio-economic transformation of the country.

The Co-Founder of Global Wissen Consult also noted that the firm offers and runs digital entrepreneurship and skills members clubs in universities.

This club provides students with the knowledge, tools and skills needed to leverage the digital space, he stated.

The programme, which is designed for students as a platform that offers everything needed to leverage the digital space, brought together students, parents, the university community and education experts.

Nwokeji further stated: “The ongoing digital evolution in Africa has prompted us to ensure that the youths are at the forefront of this change.

“We are aware that there is still a huge percentage of ignorance and digital literacy as opposed to the number of people who have caught up with the digital transformation and have equipped themselves with the right skills.”

He also noted: “That is why we have taken it upon ourselves as an organisation to ensure that the digital light is being passed on to our vibrant youths and the general public.

“Our goal is to ensure that Nigeria economy is digitised by ensuring that the youths have the right skill through various means,” he said.

The digital economy is actually achievable; that is why the firm is also putting more effort to achieve this goal, he said.

“The Swedish government is supporting the project 100 percent. We are making things also attractive to other Swedish companies to come into Nigeria,” he said.

In his remarks on the occasion, Carl Michael Grans, Ambassador of Sweden to Nigeria, applauded the initiative of the firm, which he said would help Nigerians to explore and exploit the digital space for skill development.

The ambassador believed that the operations of the enterprise would also increase the employability rate among young people.

Ambassador Grans said: “One of our main targets is to work together with universities to ensure that all students are digitally literate and equipped for the world, and for the future.”

The envoy stressed the importance of skill acquisition, especially in the digital field to help the youth and address the problem of unemployment in the country.

He noted: “You need to reach out, and the pandemic has really shown us the solution of digital, so you need the skills to learn. And you need digital skills to get employed. It is really the future of Nigeria and Nigerian youths.”

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