Site of a Collapsed Building in Lagos

QHSE: Safety experts task Lagos Government on averting building collapses

*The Society of Energy Administrators commendsil the Lagos State Government’s efforts but urges relevant authorities to evolve more proactive measures to avert building collapses in the state during the rainy season

Emmanuel Akosile | ConsumerConnect

Besides performing integrity checks on buildings, the Society of Energy Administrators (SEA), in Nigeria, has urged the Lagos State Government (LASG) to evolve more proactive measures to prevent building collapses, which usually occur during rainy seasons in the state.

The SEA members, led by Dr. Yekeen Adeboye, its President, made the call during a courtesy visit to the News Agency of Nigeria office Sunday, July 11, 2021, in Lagos.

Dr. Abayomi Akeem, National Secretary of the Society, during the visit commended Lagos State Government’s efforts at carrying out integrity checks on buildings.

Nonetheless, Dr. Akeem called on the relevant authorities in the state do more on preventive measures during the rainy season.

The SEA National Secretary disclosed that building collapse are more frequent during the rainy season because water remains a strong catalyst that precipitates it in a coastal environment like Lagos, the commercial hub of the country’s economy.

Akeem stated: “Government should develop infrastructure, make way for water, develop the drainage system, so that water will not find its way to where it should not be.”

Referencing the National Theatre rehabilitation and remodeling project, he said that the Lagos State Ministry of Environment was concerned about the wetlands, agency report noted.

The Society also urged sustained protection of the wetlands to assist in deflooding the state in order to reduce risks of collapse as well as adoption of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) Risk Management accountability in construction.

Owners of old buildings should be encouraged to partner with developers to demolish and reconstruct stronger structures, he said.

The SEA National Secretary further explained: “I will give kudos to the Lagos State Government; they have been trying with respect to integrity testing on buildings.

“And we can also admit that the incidences are not as frequent as it used to be, though we still have some but we are improving.’’

In connection with new towns development, Akeem added that infrastructure must be developed before new settlements spring up to prevent haphazard development leading to future building collapses in the state.

“The doctrine is that before we start building on virgin land, infrastructure should come in first.

“There should be drainage and roads but we don’t have that now. People just buy land and build. Some people will build on proposed roads and drainage channels.

“I think it has to do with enforcement, before you start building on virgin land, the land owners (Omonile) must be strongly advised to follow the plan for the area,” said the SEA National Secretary.

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