Prepayment Electricity Meters

Agency tasks Nigerian electricity consumers on approved prepayment meters

*The Nigerian Electricity Management Services Agency urges electricity consumers to reject prepayment meters it has not tested and certified to assure of a stable system, safe delivery, and reliable electricity supply in the country

Isola Moses│ConsumerConnect

In ensuring that they have quality products installed for them, the Nigerian Electricity Management Services Agency (NEMSA) has urged power consumers to certify that all the meters being installed in their homes, businesses, offices, or public places are in line with the approved metering code in the country.

Mr. Peter Ewesor, Managing Director and Chief Electrical Inspector of the Federation, disclosed this at a seminar organised by the Bureau of Public Service Reforms (BPSR), Tuesday, June 29 in Abuja, FCT.

The theme of the seminar was, “Roles, Responsibilities, Innovation and Challenges in Power Sector”.

Ewesor said that NEMSA would continue to deliver on its set goal to guarantee safety of lives and property of consumers in the electricity supply industry within the country, agency report stated.

The Managing Director of the agency, in assuring a stable system, safe delivery and reliable regular power supply, however urged consumers to reject meters that are not duly tested and certified by MEMSA.

He stated: “I think a lot needs to be passed across to Nigerians, especially knowing their rights when it comes to metering.

“People should know that electricity meters are to measure power that is delivered and consumed.

“Nigerians need to first appreciate that, any meter they bring into your premises, if you do not see NEMSA label, then that meter has not been tested by NEMSA in line with the law and therefore, it is not supposed to be installed or used.”

Ewesor advised consumers that they “can reject such a meter to be installed for them because if they install a meter that is faulty, you can end up paying for what you did not consume in terms of estimated billing.

“At the same time, we want Nigerians to learn how to manage their power supply.

“For example, you have installed a meter in your house, you have bought credit, but you are putting on all your gadgets instead of putting them off.

He further disclosed that the Federal Government is giving out about six million meters which he noted the distribution would be in phases.

The NEMSA Chief also assured that the distribution of the meters would not put an end to production.

Mr. Dasuki Arabi, Director-General of BPSR, charged other agencies to relate with the citizens by giving information on their activities.

Arabi said: “We are celebrating success on the reforms in the Nigerian public service. You are aware that NEMSA is a subset of some of the agencies that emerged as a result of power reforms in this country.

“What we have heard today is that there is light at the end of the tunnel. We are doing well. We are hopeful that we will reach the destination we want to go to.”

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