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SON, NESREA to regulate e-wastes to protect human health, environment

*The regulatory agencies say the society has become a dumping ground for toxic materials by exposing Nigerian consumers to diseases, such as cancer without knowing the source

Isola Moses | ConsumerConnect

In a move to curb the consequences of the prevalence of electronic wastes (e-wastes) in the country, the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) and National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency (NESREA) has agreed to collaborate in regulating electronic waste in the country.

Mr. Maji Aileku, Head of Media at SON, in a recent statement in Abuja, FCT, said the two regulatory agencies had expressed their desired collaboration to tackle the menace of e-wastes in Nigeria.

Aileku said that the organisations reached the agreement when Dr. Aliu Jauro, NESREA’s Director-General, visited Malam Farouk Salim, Director-General of SON.

The statement noted that Malam Salim identifies e-waste as a threat to health and the environment when not handled properly.

It said: “The SON D-G decried the general ignorance and the dangers it posed to the larger population while the recyclers prioritise their financial gains over public good.”

Aileku stated the SON Director-General said the society has become a dumping ground for toxic materials thus exposing the citizens to diseases such as cancer without knowing the source.

He, therefore, acceded to the idea of a joint committee to work out appropriate measures to integrate areas of common interests between the two organisations, the statement noted.

According to Salim, such a step would go a long way in curbing the consequences of the prevalence of e-waste in Nigeria.

The SON Chief said that the proposed committee should consider strengthening existing standards, and work towards engendering far reaching regulations of e-waste and its effects on the environment.

The NESREA Director-General also stated that the existing collaboration between the two organisations, especially in the areas of standards development, adoption and review, had contributed immensely to the agency’s regulatory efforts in environmental standards.

Dr. Jauro, however, expressed concern about the negative effects of electronic waste (e-waste) in Nigeria, following the influx of obsolete and near end of life electronics into the country.

The statement further said that he made reference to the effective collaboration of both agencies in an inter-ministerial consultative committee set up by the Federal Government in 2009, to strategise on curbing the influx of e-waste.

The NESREA helmsman decried the spate of recycling of e-waste materials across the country, which were being carried out in an unhealthy environmental manner and negatively impacting the environment and human.

He sought SON’s support to enhance the effective regulation of e-waste, to mitigate the negative effects in the society.

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