Princess Aderemi Adebowale, Special Adviser Office of Civic Engagement in Lagos State Photo: ThisDay

Lagos cautions youngsters against distressing effects of drug abuse, cultism

*The Lagos State Government of Nigeria has warned the youths against social vices, saying cultism has brought nothing but pain and anguish to the affected individuals and the entire society

Emmanuel Akosile | ConsumerConnect

While stressing the devastating effects on affected individuals and the entire society, the Lagos State Government (LASG) has warned the youths of the negative consequences of drug abuse and cultism.

Lagos State, fondly called the Centre of Excellence, said that cultism is one of the social ills that have bedeviled our society for quite some time.

It was gathered Princess Aderemi Adebowale, Special Adviser Office of Civic Engagement, speaking at a recent event in Lagos, disclosed that the social menace “has become so bad that primary school pupils are reportedly getting initiated into this evil practice.

“Cultism has brought nothing but pain and anguish to the affected individuals and society”.

Princess Adebowale noted that across Nigeria, it was not unusual to hear news of deadly cult wars that left in its trails wanton destruction of properties and sometimes lives.

Such attacks do not portray our society in a positive light, she emphasised.

The Special Adviser Office of Civic Engagement further stated: “Since development only thrives in a peaceful and conducive environment, the dastardly activities of these cult warriors not only impedes development, they also depict our society in bad light.”

Adebowale stated further that in a bid to frontally tackle the evil of cultism in the State, Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu recently signed the bill for the Prohibition of Unlawful Societies and Cultism of 2021 into law, approving a 21-year jail term for convicted cultists in the State.

She noted further that the State Government, under the leadership of Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu, is determined to not allow the menace of drug abuse and cultism fritter away the bright future of our students.

“We will ensure that the future of our children is secured by early nipping in the board of the perils of all social vises capable of marring their lives.

“I urge you student to continue to obey your parents, teachers and shun bad company as this is the only way in which we can support the government efforts to make us successful and civically responsible citizens in the future,” Adebowale said.

Felicia Odumosu, a talent management consultant at Talent Bureau Limited, at the media briefing also said that liver failure and low blood pressure are effects of drug abuse.

Odumosu encouraged the youths to listen to their parents and teachers, and not to try to please their peers.

ConsumerConnect reports the predominance of cultism in higher institutions across the country is said to be alarming in recent times, as it has caused much damage to the young ones and the fabric of the society.

These include destruction of academic calendars, loss of lives and property, unsafe and inhabitable environment within and sometimes outside schools’ vicinity.

Stakeholders noted that it is become imperative for the government to exert a concerted effort at curbing this social menace before it destroys the younger population and future leaders.

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