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Why Toyota Hilux is banned in Canada, United States: Report

*An auto industry report reveals some of the reasons behind Toyota’s decision to pull the Hilux out of North America have to do with the regulatory emission and safety standards on the continent

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The Toyota Hilux is among the most well-known and consumers’ favourite utility vehicles in the world.

Aside from its impressive performance on and off the road, the vehicle’s smooth and comfortable ride along with a luxurious touch in the interior make the Hilux a pickup truck to be remembered.

However, with all of its popularity in the auto world, it is yet not easy to spot one in North America, especially the newer models, reports HotCars.

But then, what is it that makes the Hilux so rare in the United States (US) and Canada, since in terms of utility, it can easily compete with its American competitors?

As noted, the Toyota Hilux started strong, and it continued even more potent. In the 90s, the Toyota Pickup (the alternative name for the Hilux) was a popular choice for work fleets.

Toyota Hilux 2021 model   Photo: CarAdvice

Owners loved their car since not only did it get the job done, but it also provided a comfortable ride and had a touch of luxury in the interior.

How Toyota Hilux disappeared from North American market

In spite of that, the Toyota Hilux disappeared from the North American market in 1995. Some of the reasons behind Toyota’s decision to pull the Hilux out of North America may have to do with emission and safety standards.

Now, Toyota wasn’t manufacturing the Hilux in the US anymore and replaced it with a new model for the American buyers: the Toyota Tacoma.

However, it is technically possible to import a Toyota Hilux to the states today, but it comes at a great price, said the report.

Due to a tax policy imposed by the American Government called the Chicken Tax, importing a light truck built outside of the US requires a 25% tariff.

This 25% jump in the cost makes the Hilux too expensive to compete with other compact pickup trucks in the US market.

If the Hilux was manufactured by Toyota in the US, the buyers would no longer be required to pay the extra 25% tariff.

Although the Hilux is no more available in the US Market, its alternative makes it all up, according to report.

Replacing Hilux with Toyota Tacoma in US market

The Toyota Tacoma has been a successful successor to the Hilux since 1995. And even though in a lot of ways it looks similar to the Hilux, some differences make the Tacoma more suitable for American buyers.

It was gathered the Hilux and the Tacoma platforms are pretty similar, but the Tacoma is a bit wider than the Hilux, which makes it suitable for the wide roads in America.

The design language for the Tacoma follows a more aggressive tone which makes it fit in among other popular pickup trucks in America.

Another differentiator is that Hilux comes with a variety of engine options and a fair number of which are diesel options.

Light pickups with diesel engine models are not that popular with American buyers.

The Toyota Hilux appeared on the North American market in 1972 and had a reasonably successful run until 1995.

While the Toyota Tacoma can confidently hold itself against its competitors, the Hilux stays as Toyota’s most famous and durable pickup truck around the world.

Though the 25% tariff imposed by the US government makes the Toyota Hilux a rather unpopular option for the average consumer in the country, the true fans of Toyota pickups can still technically import a Hilux to the states as long as they’re willing to pay the price.

How Hilux replaced 3 other Toyota models in North American market

Going down the memory lane in regard to what makes the Toyota Hilux famous and reputable, therefore, the report noted that Toyota initially introduced the Hilux to the Japanese market in March 1968.

Soon after, the Hilux’s success led the truck beyond Japanese borders to the international market.

It finally arrived in the North American market in 1972 and replaced three other Toyota models.

The Hilux’s arrival in the North American market was the start of its second generation. Now, with a significantly upgraded interior, the Hilux was more faithful to what it was meant to be: a versatile pickup truck that offers comfort and smooth rides. The Hilux was dubbed the Truck or Pickup Truck in 1976 for the North American market.

Toyota Hilux proved itself to be mind-blowingly durable from the start, even after decades of use.

In 2007, for instance, Jeremy Clarkson brought a 1988 Toyota Hilux to Top Gear to see if what Toyota said about Hilux is true.

Toyota had already boasted about the Hilux and claimed it to be the toughest vehicle in the world.

Clarkson put the Hilux in a series of insane tasks to see if it’s possible to kill the Hilux.

The 1988 Hilux on Top Gear, which already had 190,000 miles on the odometer when it was bought for the show, survived many obstacles as well as drowning in seawater for a night, having a trailer dropped onto it, getting hit by a wrecking ball, and literally being set on fire.

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