Drug Abuse: NDLEA cautions lawmakers against legalising cannabis in Nigeria

*The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency has disclosed the current figure of 10.6million Nigerian consumers abusing cannabis is frightening enough to warn the stakeholders against legalising the drug in the country

Isola Moses | ConsumerConnect

In order to not undermine the considerable gains being recorded in the renewed war against drug abuse cum trafficking and attendant damaging socio-economic effects on consumers, the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) has cautioned some stakeholders against the current moves towards legalising the use of cannabis in Nigeria.

Brig. General Mohammed Marwa (Rtd.), Chairman of NDLEA, who stated this while speaking at the recent National Security Summit organised by the House of Representatives in the National Assembly (NASS), in Abuja, FCT, said the current figure of 10.6million Nigerian consumers abusing cannabis is frightening enough to sound the alarm bell, report said.

National Assembly, Abuja, FCT

The NDLEA Chairman said the measure would rob the country of the gains already made in the war against drug abuse and trafficking in Nigeria.

The strong nexus between drug abuse and the security challenges across the country is incontrovertible, said Marwa.

He noted: “Presently, there is no bigger national issue than the issue of insecurity in Nigeria. It is one of the big challenges, if not the biggest, threatening our dear country.

“The relationship between substance abuse and crime is a fact. What is clear is that no sane human being will rise against society to commit the kind of gross atrocities as we are witnessing in recent years, except such an individual has first hardened his heart with mind-altering substances.”

The NDLEA Chief further said: “Should we have such a law, we will soon become a nation of junkies and criminals.

“As such, I will like to caution that our lawmakers should not legalise cannabis because it will amount to taking a step forward and ten steps backward.”

According to him, “it will no doubt rob the nation of recent gains in the war against illicit drugs.”

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