Edo lawmakers consider registration of livestock farms for accountability

*The Edo State House of Assembly urges the State Board of Internal Revenue to take proper records of livestock operators and their operations in the state

Alexander Davis | ConsumerConnect

In line with its statutory responsibility for accountability in catering for the needs of the citizenry, the Edo State House of Assembly has adopted a resolution mandating all livestock farmers to register with the state ministries of agriculture and natural resources and health.

The state legislators, who passed the resolution Tuesday, May 11 also called on the Edo State Board of Internal Revenue to take proper records of livestock operators in the state and their operations, agency report said.

The adoption of the resolution was reported to have followed the motion by Hon. Henry Okhuarobo, Majority Leader of the Edo State House of Assembly.

Earlier when moving the motion in the House, the Majority Leader noted the government has a statutory responsibility to cater for urgent needs of the people.

However, he stated there is no data base and comprehensive list of livestock dealers in the state.

Hon. Okhuarobo disclosed the revenue accruable to the state government from livestock business are not accessible due to poor records and documentation.

Livestock products are openly slaughtered at unapproved places and sold openly without adherence to health regulations.

The lawmakers unanimously supported the motion and made the resolution, after which Rt. Hon. Marcus Onobun, Speaker of Edo State House of Assembly, directed that clean copies of the resolution be forwarded to appropriate authorities for immediate action.

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