10 Top steps to accelerate your career

*Self-development is continuous and essential. To think outside the box, it is necessary to live outside the box… living an isolated life stifles the creativity and spontaneous imagination required for problem-solving

Emmanuel Akosile | ConsumerConnect

Experts have opined that your quality of life and happiness is directly or indirectly based on the status of your career or profession.

A slow pace career or stagnant career, according to them, can lead to depression and low self-esteem in individuals.

Highlighted below are helpful nuggets on how you can speed up your career and become a better and responsible person towards a meaningful and fulfilled life, courtesy of the Scholars International Institute of Technology (SIIT).

  1. Make yourself visible

Obviously, hard work is an essential ingredient for success, but it is easy to fall into the trap of believing that your hard work will speak for you. It will not.

Other people are not only working as hard as you are, but they are also developing a strong personal brand, networking like crazy, and establishing the types of interpersonal relationships and strong ties that make a successful business tick – and successful managers take notice.

It is time to emerge from the shadows and invest in self-promotion. In a nutshell, if you do not promote yourself, no one else will.

  1. Self-development is continuous and essential

To think outside the box, it is necessary to live outside the box. In other words, living an isolated life stifles the creativity and spontaneous imagination required for problem-solving.

If you are satisfied with acquiring a limited set of job skills and then, spending the remainder of your time watching television, you will be left behind.

Now is the time to restart reading and reflecting, elucidating what makes successful people tick, and remaining receptive to new ideas and experiences.

Volunteer for task forces and stretch assignments; even if they do not advance you in this job, they frequently serve as an excellent interview story for the next.

  1. To succeed yourself, invest in the success of others

While keeping an eye out for No. 1 is easy, it is also an illusion you cannot afford. The company does not revolve around you, and being a one-person show impresses only you.

It is high time you recognised the value of an “assist” and invest in and celebrate your peers’ accomplishments.

  1. Understand that work is a daily competition

“Everyone is a winner,” the elementary school adage goes. “You are only competing against yourself.”

However, in the workplace, you are evaluated daily on how you perform compared to your coworkers.

Recognising that you compete will provide you with the increased awareness necessary to differentiate yourself from the pack.

  1. Be open with your managers and mentors

Speaking with your superiors about your ideas and ambitions may sound risky, but if you are not making a concerted effort at doing so, chances are you’re telling them what they want to hear – an even riskier path.

It is time to take a risk and earn the respect of your superiors and your self-esteem by being open and honest in a tactful manner.

  1. Stay in touch with the winners

This one is fairly cliche, which may explain why it is so easily forgotten. It is critical for your evolution that you seek out relationships with people who will support and praise you when you are in need, criticise you when you are in need, and constructively challenge you when you are in need.

It is natural to gravitate toward people you like, but this can quickly lead to stagnation. Consider who you spend your time with at work — are those relationships inspiring and motivating? Or do they perpetuate a culture of skepticism and “can’t do”?

  1. Get out before it is too late

The human capacity for denial and dangerous situations, even as the death toll sounds, is legendary.

To avoid becoming another statistic, do not allow your romantic and archaic desire to “work for the same company your entire life” to blind you to the fact that your company is going nowhere – or, worse, is going bankrupt.

Knowing when to acknowledge the hidden meaning lurking behind payroll cuts, layoffs, and compromised mission statements is a survival tactic.

At times, it is necessary to flee while the going is good.

  1. Follow the rules

Surely, the ends justify the means? That is incorrect. While your “get it done at all costs” attitude may impress a few people, your disregard for the rules and your company’s stated values will eventually catch up with you.

It is time to put your insular and egocentric agendas aside, toe the company line, and reap the benefits of being part of a greater whole.

  1. Know yourself

You believe you are projecting confidence and ability, but your body language transmits boredom, insecurity, fear, and resentment, which your superiors and colleagues will pick up on.

Now is the time to examine yourself and ensure that your mouth and every part express the same sentiment.

  1. Consider the big picture

As they say, the devil is in the details, but the devil will also keep you there if you are not careful.

It is time to stop obsessing over the minutiae of daily tasks—which is essentially another form of procrastination—and instead think in wide and more creatively to capitalise on emerging trends, technologies, and strategic shifts that are only visible from a bird’s eye view.

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