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How much do I pay for electricity?

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The cost of electricity for consumers, according to the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), essentially depends on four things.

These are:

  1. The location of the customer: There are eleven (11) Electricity Distribution Companies (DisCos) operating in Nigeria. Endeavour to find out which of the DisCos supplies you with electricity in your community at
  2. The tariff class of the customer: Every electricity consumer must belong to a specific tariff class.

There are five major Tariff Classes, each of which is divided into sub-classes based on a range of energy consumption.

The five major tariff classes are as follows:

Tariff Class and description

  1. Residential- A customer who uses his premise exclusively as a residence – house, flat, or multi-storied house.
  2. Commercial- A customer who uses his premise for any purpose other than exclusively as a residence or as a factory for manufacturing goods
  3. Industrial- A customer who uses his premises for manufacturing goods including welding and ironmongery
  4. Special- Customers, such as agriculture and agro-allied industries, water boards, religious houses, government and teaching hospitals, government research institutes and educational establishments.
  5. Street Lights- Street Lights
  6. Tariff Rate: This depends on the customer’s Tariff Class. Each tariff class has a unique tariff rate applicable to it.

This means that each DisCo has a unique tariff rate for its customers in each tariff class.

To see the tariff rate applicable to you, please visit the Commission’s Web site and check the name of the DisCo that supplies you with electricity.

  1. The quantity of energy consumed in KWh (Kilowatt-hour).

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