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Why you should stop eating Garri –Health expert

Alexander Davis

Dr. Boniface Okolo, Director of Public Health of the Enugu State Government, has cautioned Nigerians against the consumption of soaked garri to avoid contacting Lassa fever.

Agency report states Dr. Okolo gave the warning in an interview Saturday, January 18, in Enugu, said the rats that caused the disease were mostly in contact with Nigerian most popular staple food ‘garri,’ a cassava product.

He added that it was necessary to discourage consumption of soaked garri since it did not require boiled water.

Okolo noted that boiled water could go a long way to kill bacteria caused by pest or rodents in garri.

“It is better that the cassava flakes called garri is used for ‘eba’, because of the use of hot water.

“We in the state’s Health Ministry are waging a total war against rodents through sensitisation. That is what we are doing to ensure we do not have victim of Lassa fever in the state,” he declared.

He added that the ministry officials are sensitising the public to ensure that their fruits and raw vegetables are properly washed if they must be consumed them raw and cook to the appropriate temperature.

According to him, the best practices for food storage should be encouraged to prevent epidemic.

“We should always make sure that we use air-tight clean plastic containers to preserve our foodstuffs to avoid Lassa fever and other diseases,” the Director of Public Health said.

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