COVID-19: Regulator releases updated travel guidance for consumers

*The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s new guidance eliminates some previous testing and quarantine recommendations on travels

*Says fully vaccinated people don’t need a COVID-19 test before travelling internationally, unless their destination requires one

Alexander Davis | ConsumerConnect

As the United States and some other regions of the world are gradually up their economies to allow consumers to travel, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in an updated guidance has said fully vaccinated people can travel at “low risk” to themselves as long as they practise the usual COVID-19 precautions.

It was gathered that the updated guidance issued Friday, April 2 now eliminates some of the agency’s previous testing and quarantine recommendations on travels.

Health officials said the new guidance is based on the latest evidence, science, and the current state of the pandemic.

The regulatory agency said: “Fully vaccinated people can travel within the United States and COVID-19 testing or post-travel self-quarantine are not required as long as they continue to take COVID-19 precautions while traveling ─wearing a mask, avoiding crowds, socially distancing, and washing hands frequently.”

A person, CDC noted, is considered fully vaccinated two weeks after he or she has received the last recommended dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.

Right now, approximately 20 percent of the adult population in the US is vaccinated, report stated.

In connection with international travels, the agency said that fully vaccinated people don’t need a COVID-19 test before traveling internationally (unless their destination requires one).

They also don’t need to self-quarantine upon returning to the US (unless their state or local jurisdiction requires it).

Due to the emergence of new COVID-19 variants and differences in vaccine coverage around the world, the CDC says fully vaccinated people should still have a negative COVID-19 test result before they board a flight to the United States.

It stated that travellers should also get a COVID-19 test 3 to 5 days after returning from international travel.

However, the CDC stated that people who have not got a vaccine are advised to continue to follow the agency’s existing guidance.

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