Drugmaker recalls lots of Blood Pressure medication for ‘deadly’ mislabelling

*Report indicates that taking a double dosage of Telmisartan Tablets could cause consumers to experience a severe drop in Blood Pressure and worsening kidney function that could lead to death

Alexander Davis | ConsumerConnect

In a previous recall roundup, Bryant Ranch Prepack recalled certain lots of its blood pressure medication because they were mislabelled with incorrect information regarding the pills’ strength, reports ConsumerAffairs.

Apparently, that issue is more common than some might think.

Alembic Pharmaceuticals is issuing a similar recall for one lot of its Telmisartan Tablets because a bottle that was supposed to contain 20 mg tablets actually contained 40 mg tablets at packaging.

It was learnt that taking a double dosage of the medication could cause consumers to experience a severe drop in blood pressure and worsening kidney function, which could lead to death.

The company is currently notifying distributors and retailers about the problem.

Alembic Pharmaceuticals, therefore, urges all consumers who have purchased a mislabelled product to stop using it, and speak with a pharmacist or healthcare provider so that it can be safely replaced.

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