2019 Volkswagen Atlas

Volkswagen recalls 2,535 Atlas vehicles with Continental tyres for ‘overcuring’

Emmanuel Akosile | ConsumerConnect

Volkswagen Group of America is recalling 2,535 model year 2018-2019 Atlas vehicles with Continental tyres.

The automobile manufacturer stated that one or more tires may have been cured for too long during production.

According to the company, overcured tyres may develop a break in the sidewall, resulting in sudden air loss or belt edge separation which could lead to tread/belt loss.

Either condition can cause a loss of vehicle control, increasing the risk of a crash, it stated.

In respect of what to do in correcting the error, Volkswagen will notify affected owners, and dealers will inspect the tires, and replace them, as necessary, free of charge.

The current recall is expected to begin May 4, 2021.

Owners may contact Volkswagen Customer Service on (800) 893-5298, and Volkswagen’s number for this recall is 44R1.

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