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8 Strategies to maximise consumers’ testimonials

Isola Moses

As a business owner or manager, you should get the most out of your product or services consumers’ testimonials. But why do you have to do this? It is basically because consumers are more sophisticated than ever these days.

So, marketing experts suggest that simply claiming to be “the best” in the market or industry is not enough to enhance your brand equity in the marketplace.

What then, are consumers’ testimonials? These are consumers’ recommendations about your product or service. Also, they could be described as favourable reports or positive assertions about the consumers’ experience regarding the qualities and virtues your brand has to offer.

The following are eight easy steps to generate consumers’ testimonials to your brand advantage:

 Ask your customers for feedback. Be organised and send out a standard e-mail after a purchase to generate a steady stream of feedback. Alternatively, approach key clients personally, explaining you are updating your marketing materials and would appreciate their comments.

 Consider which type of testimonial best suits your business. You could use simple client quotes, reviews of your products, or even videos of customers praising your services. A free YouTube account and simple video camera will allow you to distribute footage on your Web site. Alternatively, consider hiring a video production agency. It will cost more, but may be worth the investment.

 Keep quotes short, snappy and easy to read ̶ and for authenticity, always try to include a full name, company and job title. If the person is happy to be contacted, you could supply their e-mail address, so potential buyers can get in touch.

 Get creative with your material. Consider inserting a page of satisfied client feedback in sales packs or share testimonials in a blog. You could even use a buyer’s comment in an advert or put a positive quote on the back of your business card.

 Do not just think in terms of individual names. Can you add the names or logos of respected companies that use or buy your services? If you can showcase an impressive client list, do so.

 Arrange testimonials according to category, so you can address specific concerns that your customers may have. Comments that highlight your credibility as a supplier or feedback about swiftness of delivery, for instance, could be used on your order page.

 Keep testimonials looking fresh by regularly updating them.

 Get the customer’s permission first before using their remarks, and make sure they are happy about their comments being made public.

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