Electricity: DisCo petitions Police over attacks on officials in Kaduna

*Kaduna Electric has disclosed the incident compelled it to temporarily withdraw electricity services to the three communities in the state

Alexander Davis | ConsumerConnect

Kaduna Electric Distribution Company (KAEDCo), one of the 11 electricity distribution companies (DisCos) in Nigeria, has petitioned Umar Musa-Muri, Kaduna State Commissioner of Police, over assault meted out to its personnel while conducting their operations in certain communities in the state.

Abdulazeez Abdullahi, Spokeman of the DisCo, said this in a statement to the media Saturday, February 27, 2021.

The statement noted that the assault, which took place February 22, at Danbushiya Community, Millennium City, Kaduna, was carried out by an armed group, causing physical injuries to Engr. Asmau Ahmed, Doka Area Manager of Kaduna Electric.

According to Abdullahi, Kaduna Electric informed the police commissioner that “while the company staff were carrying out lawful official duties within the community, a well-armed group of thugs and miscreants assaulted our company staff.

“The leader of the thugs, who was holding a shotgun, threatened to shoot our Doka Area Manager and any staff who enters the community.

“He then, struck our Doka Area Manager with the butt of the gun on the back of her neck and on her shoulder thereby causing her severe grievous harm and injury.

The company further noted: “The thugs, thereafter, instigated a violent mob attack against the company staff by throwing stones and other missiles and eventually chased them out of the community.”

Following the incident, the company was compelled to temporarily withdraw electricity services to the three distribution transformers serving Danbushiya, Danbushiya 1 and Danbushiya 3 communities in the state, according to the statement.

The DisCo urged the State Police Commissioner to commence urgent investigations into the matter and fish out all the perpetrators for prosecution.

The company is also seeking adequate protection and guaranteed safety for its staff, while carrying out their duties.

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