Ford recalls thousands of vehicles with obsolete Takata airbag components

*The automaker says the spare parts may have been installed on vehicles as part of collision or theft repairs

Emmanuel Akosile | ConsumerConnect

Ford Motor Company is recalling thousands of vehicles that may have had obsolete Takata service parts installed in collision and theft repairs after the Takata recall was completed.

The recall involves two distinct vehicle groups. The first includes 1,067 of the following vehicles:

  1. Model year 2004-11 Ford Rangers,
  2. Model year 2005-14 Ford Mustangs,
  3. Model year 2006 Ford GTs,
  4. Model year 2008-12 Ford Fusions,
  5. Model year 2009-11 Mercury Milans,
  6. Model year 2010-12 Lincoln MKZs,
  7. Model year 2007-10 Ford Edges, and
  8. Model year 2007-10 Lincoln MKXs

In regard to what to in correcting the error, Ford will notify affected owners, and dealers will inspect the driver or passenger airbag inflator or module and replace if necessary.

The second group includes 153,000 model year 2004-06 Ford Rangers in which obsolete Takata service parts may have been installed for repairs after collision damage or theft.

In correcting the error, Ford is also notifying the affected owners that they can visit their dealer for an inspection, and if necessary, an airbag inflator replacement.

Notifications will begin the week of March 8, 2021.

Meanwhile, owners may contact Ford Customer Service on (866) 436-7332, and Ford’s number for this recall is 21S05.

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